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The Benefits Associated With Eating Eggshells

The Benefits Associated With Eating Eggshells

The Benefits Associated With Eating Eggshells
The Benefits Associated With Eating Eggshells

When you decide to use eggshells, you are essentially making use of materials that would have otherwise been wasted. Eggshells are the outer covering of the  
egg, which is hard in nature. This shell consists of calcium carbonate mainly. Calcium carbonate is a very common calcium form. The shell is also made of  
protein as well as some other minerals. Calcium is one of the most important minerals and it is usually easy to access it in most foods such as dairy  
products, there are also lower amounts that are found in the root and leafy vegetables.

Over the years, eggs have been used when creating supplements. The calcium content of eggshells stands at around 40 percent. This means that every gram of  
eggshell can give around 381-401 mg. This therefore means that only a half of the eggshell may be adequate for an adult's daily requirement.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is very common in nature. It makes limestone, coral reefs, and seashells. As a supplement, it is also one of the cheapest that you can  
find. Studies have been conducted on piglets and rats and there has been a confirmation that they are indeed a perfect source of calcium. They are also  
readily absorbed just like the normal calcium carbonate.

The other minerals that can be found in the eggshells include selenium, magnesium, fluoride, and strontium.

The Benefits

Reduces the risk of the disease osteoporosis: this condition can be identified due to the weakness of bones as well as a high risk of getting bone fractures
It helps you achieve the daily calcium requirement, especially when you have a hard time doing it.
It strengthens bones, especially in the women who are postmenopausal. Taking the powder together with magnesium and vitamin D3 actually strengthens bones and  
improves density.
The membrane in eggshells is also great for your joints. This membrane is usually visible when one boils an egg and peels it. This membrane is included when  
the supplement is being made.
The shell also has collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and other types of nutrients. These are usually in very little amounts. By taking eggshells on  
a regular basis, you may actually benefit your joints a great deal.
The Risks
When they are prepared in the correct way, eggshell powder is very safe. The first thing you should always remember is never to try to swallow them as  
fragments can cause harm to your throat or even esophagus. You need to have them ground. Because they can be contaminated by different bacteria, it is  
important to wash them and then boil them before they can be consumed.

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