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A Natural Method to Cure Cold or the Flu

A Natural Method to Cure Cold or the Flu

A Natural Method to Cure Cold or the Flu
A Natural Method to Cure Cold or the Flu

It is acceptable that the common cold is caused by viruses such as the rhinovirus and can be transmitted from one infected individual to the other. The cold viruses are easily spread by one human sneezing in the air surrounding a healthy subject.

According to Wikipedia, Rhinovirus infection increases in temperatures between 33-35 degrees Celsius (91 to 95) the temperature found in the nose.

Dr Fiset after being exposed to a child suffering from a cold's drect cough, developed symptoms of the common cold such as a sore throat.

She elaborated the premise that if she could lower the temperature in her mouth by breathing by her open mouth, the virus might not develop. During the first day, she breath with her mouth slightly opened letting in cooler air  and did not develop a common cold the next day.

Dr Fiset added to her breathing technique drinking cold water. She based her attitude on the premise that it is accepted knowledge that a person starting a cold needs to hydrate herself. The gargling aimed at taking off the virus from her throat.

Dr Fiset then filed a provisional patent for her breathing technique and recruited volunteers to practice her breathing methods the moment they felt a cold coming. She wanted to test if other people could get comparable results, that is to say stop a cold from developing by breathing through their mouth the minute they felt it in their throat.

To do her breathing technique, she opened her mouth creating a space of one quarter to one half of an inch between her upper and lower lips (when she was in public not to stand out). Her breathing rate was not modified. She did this breathing technique many times during the first day she felt the cold in her crag.

According to Webmd, between lost work and doctor visits, and cold medicine, the cold costs the U.S. economy about $40 billion a year.

Furthermore research with double blind controlled studies need to be done. Dr Fiset asks if by having a shorter encounter with the rhinovirus a person might not develop as much antibodies as if she had developed the full course of the common cold.

The power of using Dr Fiset's breathing method to stop a cold from developing is that it is natural and theoretically can succeed against any virus causing the common cold, contrary to potent retroviruses that also carry important side effects.

Antiviral drugs cost a lot of money and can make resistant viruses. Furthermore, some cold viruses would not be affected by antiviral drugs.

Dr Fiset's breathing technique is free. It also changes the environment in a natural way making it unsuitable for cold viruses to develop fully.

There will always be viruses that give cold. By developing her breathing technique, Dr Fiset is merely suggesting that an acute cold can be stopped or alleviated naturally.

Dr Fiset voices her concern that if her worry method to stop the cold from developing spreads, a new generation of viruses that give a cold might develop, one that can thrive at lower temperature.


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